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Don't look at me.
The Ring-tailed Lemur is one of 22 species of lemurs. They are known for their long, vividly striped, black-and-white tail. They share a common ancestry with Africa's monkeys and apes, but were isolated from those species around 50 million years ago when Madagascar separated from the African continent. All lemur species today are endangered due to the rapid destruction of their forest habitat. 

Most lemur species primarily live in trees, however, the Ring-tailed frequently uses the ground for travel. They are also more active during the day and live in groups of 5-30. 

The word Lemur comes from old Latin, and refers to ghosts or spirits. The staring eyes, haunting sounds and nocturnal ways of the lemur inspired early observers to think of them as ghosts or forest spirits.

They have powerful scent glands and use their unique odor as a communication tool and even as a kind of weapon. They also communicate with short grunting sounds.

Like their celebrity look-a-like, the females tend to be more dominant than males.

Taylor Momsen 

But this is my happy face...

See the resemblance? 

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