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I let my nose lead the way.
The Mountain Tapir might look like a strange pig with a trunk, but this ancient animal is actually related to the horse and rhinoceros. 

The Mountain Tapir is the smallest and furriest of the four tapir species. Its color is brownish to black with long hair and a white line around the lips.

It is one of the most endangered large mammals in the world. The primary threats to the mountain tapir are warfare and habitat loss due to poppy farming and the growth of ranching and agriculture in the Andean region.

The Mountain Tapir feeds on leaves, twigs and fruits in Andean forests and páramos. The tapirs are important seed dispersers and a key component for the maintenance of the structure and composition of forests in South America.

They are solitary and their activity is mainly between the first hours of dusk and first hours in sunrise. They are more active in low temperatures than on warm days. Like other tapir species they are comfortable in water and can swim. They also have a very developed sense of smell.

Adrien Brody

Maybe my hand will distract people from my nose.

See the resemblance? 

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