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Don't mess with me.
The Emperor Tamarin, thought to be named after Emperor Wilhelm II for its long white mustache, is  another extremely small primate weighing in at 1lb. Their small size and long tails allow them to easily leap from tree to tree to avoid their predators and search for their prey. 

They can be found in rainforests throughout Brazil and Peru. Their healthy diet of plants, nectar, fruits, tree sap, fungi, rodents, insects and small vertebrates allow them to live anywhere from 17-20 years. If you think their diet is a little strange, get this -- they are born in pairs. 

Like their celebrity look-a-like, they are extremely territorial and call loudly to make their presence known. 

Hulk Hogan

Come at me bro.

See the Resemblance?

03/28/2015 4:21pm

Very interesting!


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