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Please don't hurt me.
The Greater Galago, also known as the thick-tailed greater bush baby, is known for its thick fur, bushy tail, large ears, wide snout and remarkable jumping abilities.

It lives in woodland, forested savannah, plantations and bamboo thickets across Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa.

This nocturnal animal mostly feeds on tree exudates and fruit, but it also eats a small amount of animal prey including invertebrates, small birds, reptiles and mammals.

The Greater Galago tends to live in a small group and communicate both by calling to others and by marking its path with urine. Females maintain their territory and share them with their offspring. Males leave their mothers' territories after puberty but females remain, forming social groups consisting of closely related females and their young.

Like its celebrity look-a-like, the Greater Galago's large eyes and ears make it that much more adorable.  

Elle Fanning  

See the resemblance?

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