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I'm just chillin'
The African Lion  is one bad-ass mother fucker. Their roars can be heard from more than 5 miles away. Weighing anywhere from 265 to 420 pounds, this mammal survives by killing animals such as antelopes, zebras, wildebeest and other large animals of the open grasslands. Females do almost all of the hunting, while males use their fighting abilities to protect their territory and loved ones. 

As scary as these mammals may seem, they are often very affectionate toward each other. In fact, lions are the only cats that live in large family units called "prides," usually consisting of about 15 lions. Related females and their young make up the majority of the pride. There might be 2-3 males in a pride, but they usually leave after a few years and let another group of males take over.

With the exception of zoos and captivity, they are now only found in the south Sahara desert and in parts of southern and eastern Africa.

Like their celebrity look-a-like, the mature males sport thick dirty blonde manes that encircle their necks and protect them while fighting.

Brad Pitt

Do you think I need to shave?

See the resemblance? 

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