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Can we hug? I feel like we should hug.
The American Badger, also known as the Taxidea Taxus, might be a well known mammal but it’s still exotic. It has a flat body with short legs and a triangular shaped face. Its body is covered with long hair in shades of black brown white and grey. Its face has a very distinctive pattern. It is black with white strips on the cheeks and a long white strip from the back of its head to the nose.

Aside from looking adorable, these mammals are built to dig. They move dirt faster than any other mammal, including a human with a shovel. They dig in pursuit of prey and then expand tunnels into sleeping burrows. They use these burrows and dens for hunting, sleeping, storing food and giving birth.

American badgers prefer dry, open country, and avoid forests and areas with rocky soil. Primarily found in the great plains of North America. They are the least social of the badger species, preferring a solitary existence.

They feed primarily on small rodents such as squirrels, pocket gophers, kangaroo rats, prairie dogs and mice. Yum. When the rodent population is low, they will also eat scorpions, insects, snakes, lizards and birds. Even yummier. 

Like their celebrity look-a-likes, American Badgers are easy to spot due to their thick expensive fur coats. 

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

People think it's sexy when we awkwardly touch each other ... even though we are sisters.

See the resemblance?